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For us to help you, we need to know which of the services that we offer that you would like to know more about. Please read the descriptions of the programs and services we offer below, and then select the ones you’re interested in and then we can get started crafting a custom plan just for you!

 Business Lending Program

GROW SD supports business owners through affordable loans and business technical assistance.

    I am interested in a BUSINESS LOAN for real estate, equipment, inventory or working capital.

 Home Ownership Program

We work to help you reach your goals and dreams of owning a home through our counseling, education and loan services.

    I am interested in applying for DOWN PAYMENT AND CLOSING COST ASSISTANCE to purchase a home. I have a pre-approval letter and fully executed purchase agreement.

    I am interested in applying for a HOME MORTGAGE LOAN to purchase a home and am not currently working with a financial institution for a mortgage loan.

    I am interested in taking a HOMEBUYER EDUCATION course.

    I am interested in one-on-one PRE-PURCHASE COUNSELING.

 LIEAP Furnace Repair/Replacement

Emergency Furnace repair or replacement. You must own your home and be on the Current State Energy Assistance.

    I am in need of FURNACE REPAIR.

 Small Loan Fund

Apply for a personal loan from $500 to $2,500 to pay off existing debt or make car repairs.

    I am interested in applying for a SMALL LOAN to pay off high interest debt, judgments, car repairs, or other items if allowed.

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